WHO WE SERVE BEST : Flynn Wealth Strategies & Insurance Solutions, Inc.


The clients we serve best are people of character with close family ties. They exhibit a strong sense of stewardship, with an evolving vision of legacy with respect to their family, business and community.  

They have either accumulated or are responsible for significant assets.

Our clients have a strong sense of purpose. They aspire to accomplish their personal objectives in every area that is important to them. Their concerns go far beyond financial goals. Their character and values make them who they are. This is what is most important to them and is the legacy they work hard to instill in their families.

In most cases, our clients have earned their wealth either through ownership of a privately held business or wise investments. This wealth has created many opportunities as well as challenges. Our clients express concerns about securing their lifestyles and putting in place a solid strategy to protect their economic security and bring their vision to pass. They also express concerns about the impact of their wealth on their children and grandchildren. Many desire to provide support to their community and those less fortunate. 

While they have achieved much, they know they have important matters requiring focus and attention that left unfinished will undermine what they hold dear. They want to get this done but time pressures make this difficult to accomplish.

Our clients build long term, trusting relationships. They understand the importance of working with advisors who help them accomplish their goals for themselves, their business, their family and their community.

Through mutual respect and commitment to integrity, we help our clients achieve peace of mind. They are confident in their own lifetime security. They know they will be remembered as someone who made a difference and created opportunities for future generations.