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Our Holistic Process

Every decision we make has an opportunity cost attached to it - making tradeoffs, giving up one thing for something else. What we do to help you determine the best tradeoff is get you to engage in an intellectual conversation about a future result that is good for you, and then help you emotionally commit to a plan of action toward achieving that result. Along the way, depending on the action you decide to take, we may collect a fee or commission depending on what you determine is the best for you.

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We are different because we take the planning process beyond the numbers to focus on our clients' unique mission, values and goals. There are myriad things that keep them up at night; things like a desire for lifetime economic security, asset protection, transfering their core values to the next generation and more.

Our customized approach is comprised of six steps designed to collect information relevant to your financial situation, crystallizes your important goals and objectives, uncovers any gaps affecting these objectives and provides strategies that can be taken to help you reach your financial goals and help ensure you have created the legacy you envisioned.

Step one: Getting to know you.

This is where we visit and listen to your story. Through thoughtful questions and active listening, we gather all the hard and soft facts from your current personal, business and estate plans. We then take these facts and produce a clear, understandable picture of your current situation.

Step two: Crystallizing your objectives.

People have three kinds of plans: the plan they think they have, want to have and the one they really have. Once we have analyzed your current situation, we review it with you exactly as it is in that moment. Nearly 100% of the time, our clients discover their current plans do not reflect their true intentions. To ensure your plan is the one you want, we continue to further discern your intentions as they relate to your wealth management and estate planning needs and wants.

Step three and four: Building your customized plan.

With your personal goals and objectives as our benchmark, we begin to design and recommend strategies built specifically to fullfill your desired objectives and ultimately help you acheive he legacy you want.

Step five: Taking action.

In the previous steps, we have discovered what is needed to overcome the obstacles preventing you from acheiving your goals and objectives. We are now ready to work together to implement your selected strategies. Additionally, we will coordinate the implementation of these strategies with your tax and legal advisors.

Step Six: Keeping on target.

We desire to not only provide you with value, but to be valuable to you. We are commited to providing you with ongoing service in an effort to make sure that the plan you want is always the plan you have. We will work with you to help keep your plan on track with your changing needs, goals and desires. In an ever changing tax and regulatory environment, this is an extremely important and valuable part of our process.